New Switch Pro details leak from Chinese accessory manufacturer


For a few hours the rumors regarding the new model of Nintendo Switch, known for the moment as Nintendo Switch Pro , are becoming much more insistent. The latest information, coming from a self-styled Chinese hardware manufacturer , which obviously should be taken as mere rumors, claims that Nintendo’s new console will mount an OLED screen , will need a new dock and

have Surface-style support for gaming in mobility.

As always, everything must be taken with a grain of salt, but since the authoritative Bloomberg announced the existence of the console, the rumors surrounding the new Nintendo Switch model have become increasingly insistent.

In this case it would be a Chinese hardware manufacturer, or the one who would actually be creating the consoles, who unveiled some of the main features of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch hardware review .

Rumors claim that the size of the console will be comparable to current ones. The difference is that the OLED monitor will be 7 inches and will take up almost the entire available surface of the console. The hardware revision also passes from the repositioning of the Micro SD card, now easier to reach because it is inserted behind a Microsoft Surface-style support, designed to be able to support the console on the move.

The console will retain support for the current Joy-con, but will be housed in a new , thinner dock station with two USC 3.0 ports and above all a 4K output.

To complete the picture there is the release period, ie the end of November , at least in Europe, with a very limited number of units. In the rest of the world, Nintendo Switch Pro could be released even earlier.

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