7 Accessories That Will Seriously For Nintendo Switch



1. A sleek and vibrant Switch and Switch Lite charging dock so you never have to deal with the annoyance of grabbing your device and realizing you forgot to charge it before going to bed

2. A set of grips that will turn your joy-cons into full-fledged controllers that are way more comfortable for larger hands.


3.flip-cover case and tempered glass screen cover for the Switch Lite to protect your portable best friend while you're on the go. The front cover is magnetic and detachable, so you can whip it off while you play and snap it back on before you throw it in your bag.


4. A pro controller so you can show everyone you mean business — whether you're guiding Link through Hyrule or simply taking care of your island in Animal Crossing.


5. A shock-absorbent grip so your Switch can finally look like the heavy-duty portable gaming beast it truly is. Plus, you'll never have to remove it to take off the joy-cons or play your games in docked mode.

6.A protective shock-absorbent caseto make the already durable Switch Lite feel even more sturdy and comfortable to hold. It also comes with two tempered glass screen protectors so you'll never have to worry about cracking that gorgeous display.


7. spacious case so you can carry your Switch, docking station, games, and several accessories all in one surprisingly compact bag.


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